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DXPortable is a special interest Amateur Radio Community based in Indonesia. We are specialized in Portable/Field Operation (Away from home). We currently has a web system based on amateur radio activities from beaches, Beaches On The Air (BOTA) called iBOTA - Indonesian Beaches On The Air, can be accessed at https://ibota.dxportable.com. Launched and inaugurated through the iBOTA Launching system webinar on October 15, 2021 via Zoom.

DXPortable has also developed the iPOTA system - Indonesian Parks On The Air which can be accessed at www.ipota.dxportable.com and iSOTA - Indonesian Summits on the Air can be accessed at www.isota.dxportable.com.

These two special interest activity units will continue to be developed following the success of the iBOTA system but with slightly different areas or scopes of activity areas and rules, iPOTA covers Forest Parks and National Parks, while iSOTA covers high elevation areas, hills, and mountains.

The regulations in each unit of this activity are very few and easy to understand, they are also integrated into our web system so the points needed to generate the awards can work for additional interest for amateur radios to do Portable/field operations, the rest of all DXPortable activities are subject to the rules that apply in Indonesia. We also obey all the rules of Indonesian amateur radio (ORARI) as a parent organization of radio amateurs in Indonesia, We support amateur radio code of ethics and operating procedures that apply to radio amateurs internationally.

The objectives and benefits of the DXPortable activity are for amateur radio self-training, coaching in improving their quality in both digital technology and amateur radio regulations. We also supporting government programs in terms of communication and equipment setup such as antennas and radios in an emergency situations.

Apart from that, almost all of DXPortable's activities are operating in the open air, tourist areas such as beaches, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, temples, and other tourist locations with the aim of reviving national tourism passion through radio amateur activities.

The DXPortable main office is in Pekanbaru - Riau.

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